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How To Buy a Café or Restaurant

About us is a hard one. Hear me out – our about us is actually about you. About us is supposed to be about where we’ve come from and what made us, us… y’know. All the things we’ve done or that have been done to us, the things we’ve done right and the things we’ve done wrong perhaps. But that’s a lot, being an owner operator in our industry can be a wild ride! Our one restaurant journey took off bigger and bolder than we ever expected, and ended after opening over 20 more venues and selling the franchise.

We got a lot of things wrong, some a little, some really big, some that broke our hearts. We spent $1m+ on a restaurant in the CBD that we had to close before it’s two year anniversary – all because we chose a site that strayed from our business model. But it was all worth it, I don’t know about you but in our lives here at Food Beverage Logic, everything brings a lesson.

I’ve always felt the call to share the idea that yes, yes you can. Doesn’t matter what it is, deciding to try is key. Choose to do better. Choose to get up again. Choose to keep trying. It’s often a hard choice, but it’s where our power lies. Choose to know what you’re doing and plan your business out intentionally at the start, and your choice results in operational freedom down the road. A choice at the start is also a vote for the result.  It’s the crux of the method we developed over 4 years – we saw time and time again that the more choices and parameters we made at the start of the journey, the more control we maintained all the way through, and the better we got at this, the faster the business found its’ feet.

Without control, you are only ever really reacting, and that’s when all you seem to be doing is putting out fires. We saw too many business burn down from these metaphorical fires, and it made our hearts heavy knowing families were suffering in all sorts of ways from a failed business. One that could have survived if the owner knew more of what they were doing. That’s it, literally, that is what we wanted to stop from happening whenever we could. We wanted people to know how to get the fundamental parts right, and how to build that into a plan, and how and when to execute that plan, with the best chance of success!

FBL - educate. operate. elevate

So we did, we spent a lot of years writing and creating and getting input from financial experts, and HR experts as well. We worked on that baby till it was as simple as possible but covered all your bases. Years. It took years. But it’s got it all. Everything you will need to bring an idea to life, no word of a lie!

We wanted to create something that made it possible to stop cafes and restaurants around Australia from closing down in waves of pain and loss. After those four years of research and development, our answer to this goal is a system that has been proven successful time and time again, packaged into an educational experience and designed to empower you to make choices based on years of OUR experience, not from a lack of experience.

The education part is what’s really important to us. We could have made big bucks consulting on individual projects and getting would- be venue operators up and running. But why do that if we can show people how to be in charge for themselves? It is vital for our industry to lower those failure rates we talked about, and to elevate the standards of business behaviour. This can’t be done without you guys learning how to open and operate better businesses, ones that stay open for years to come. This only happens if you know what you’re doing and grow with knowledge.

educate. operate. elevate

Self education is self empowerment. It’s a choice and a commitment and it leads to success the compounding kind, and that’s the kind of success we want to see more of. We could do it all for you for a high consultant fee, apply all of our industry knowledge and know-how to getting your business off the ground,  but then what? It’s left in the hands of the inexperienced still, you haven’t become a well informed operator, you’re not expanding your own expertise or skills. You’re not winning in this scenario! The consultant can be consulted to help you get out of jams but how many times?

We help you acknowledge the gaps in your knowledge and teach you to plan your journey so that after you leave here, you can execute your plan with full confidence that you’re on the right path, making informed decisions because you’ve taken all the guesswork out of it.

Being in control of your business turns your café or restaurant into a lifestyle business – the ultimate scenario is that you enjoy your life, spending time exactly how you want to because knowing where you stand is mental freedom.