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We Are Passionate About Giving Food & Beverage Operators the Tools and Skills Needed For Consistent Success In Our Industry.

I Believe Our Industry Deserves Better.

How To Buy a Café or Restaurant

I am a specialist in the Food & Beverage industry with 25-year history of both corporate and hospitality experience.


My hospitality journey came after several years of my husband and I owning and operating retail and wholesale businesses in clothing and footwear. When we stepped into hospitality, we knew we’d come ‘home’.


But it wasn’t easy. We learnt every single lesson the hard way before we learnt the right way.

Hospitality is demanding, fast paced and often unforgiving.


I’ve been there, we moved thousands of kilometres to open a huge restaurant in a CBD location with no experience thinking it would be easy! From one to two, and then to three hectic venues, all open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I lived the blood, sweat and tears that only hospitality owners will understand!


But I gained more than I lost in my rollercoaster career – I have had the privilege of being in the company of extraordinary leaders who taught me that being authentic and accountable was what led to great teams and success.

The heart of my passion – working with hospitality owners to build and keep their businesses profitable with simple, proven, down to earth methods.

But our perspective is even wider than that. 

We also know how much impact an underperforming food and beverage business has on EVERYONE involved, including retail managers, centre managers and landlords. 

The occurrence of underperforming or failing tenants in this category is high and we know that part of the problem is that people enter the industry without the required skills or knowledge. Nearly everyone sails into the industry on a magic carpet convinced that it’s easier to be successful than it is. 


We learnt the hard way, and saw the same story play out time and time again that most people dive in thinking that experience and industry knowledge aren’t necessary.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the industry is a beast and she’ll swallow anyone who’s not looking whole! 

It became clear the more we searched for any kind of education or standardised operational practices available, there were none. This was a pivotal realisation.

So, we decided to create it. We spent several years in research and development to systemise and trademark the entire process for building, operating, and franchising any style of food and beverage business you could think of. We called it Pillars4 – for the four cornerstone pillars of successful hospitality business ownership and management: 


…..Planning, Property, Project Management and Operations. 


And, though this trademarked system itself is new, the methods are not. 


The system itself is made of the steps, formulas, processes, systems, and tools used by all successful owner operators in the industry. It’s the method they land at after they’ve gotten it wrong. At some point in the journey we learn this. 


I’ve made it my mission to make it available operators before they have a chance to get it wrong. Hence our onboarding service – a fantastic solution for asset managers or landlords, as well as for the tenant – a win/win situation. 


My personal goal as a Retail Consultant specialising in food & beverage is making profitable hospitality ownership easy and rewarding!

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