Hospitality Solutions Kit

Start your business journey with the right ingredients

Start your business with the right ingredients, the Hospitality Solutions Kit utilises the pillars4 and its set of systemised principles to guide you through your hospitality journey, the content of the Kit is detailed below:

Pillar One

Pillar One

Pillar One covers the development of your concept, business and financial plans. In this stage, you will start to develop these plans in detail and build on your idea and the foundations of your future cafe or restaurant.

  • Holistic schematic
  • Planning schematic
  • Concept plan guide
  • Business plan
  • Business purchase guide
  • Financial Plan – ( Break even analysis, Set up cost summary, Profit and loss statement 1 year and 5 year, Weekly profit and loss snapshot, Cash flow, Menu calculator)
Pillar Three

Pillar Three

Pillar Three​ covers the building or refurbishment of a new business including the designer selection/process, project management processes and relevant time frames.
  • Project Management schematic
  • Design Guidelines
  • Project Management Checklist
  • Business purchase checklist

The Hospitality Solutions Kit

FBL business Solution
Pillar Two

Pillar Two

Pillar Two covers retail site selection, business purchase selection and lease negotiation. The site that you select and the lease that you negotiate are decisions that will stem from the particulars from Pillar One.

  • Property Schematic
  • Site selection checklist
  • Lease negotiation check lists
  • Business purchase checklist

Pillar Four

Pillar Four prepares you for the opening of your cafe or restaurant. It will cover areas such as Menu Management, Supplier Negotiations, Operations, Human Resources and Marketing.

  • Operations schematic
  • Operations Manual
  • H&R Manual
  • Employment Forms
  • Marketing Guide

The Hospitality Solutions Kit

will arrive with a unique code giving you unlimited access to the digital resources in the portal