Hospitality Ownership Workshop


The workshop is divided into our pillars4 and the systemised principles as listed below:

Pillar One

Pillar One

The first module covers the development of your concept, business and financial plans. The planning pillar must be completed first as these plans feed information through to the next pillar, where you will rely on your planning information to help make informed decisions. In this stage, you will start to develop these plans in detail and build on your idea and the foundations of your future cafe or restaurant.

Materials providedHolistic Schematic, Planning Schematic, Concept Plan Guide, Business Plan, Business Purchase Guide, Financial Plan (Breakeven Analysis, Setup Cost Analysis, Cash Flow, 1 & 5 year P&L, Weekly P&L, Menu Calculator) and the workshop content.

Pillar Three

Pillar Three

The third module covers the building or refurbishment of a new business including the designer selection/process, project management processes and relevant time frames. This module contains comprehensive and specialised content designed to help both those buying an existing business or building a new one. Project management part of the pre-opening phase and can lead to some of the most expensive mistakes to make during the pillars4 process.

Materials providedProject Management Schematic, Project Management Checklist, Business Purchase Checklist, Design Guidelines and the workshop content.

Pillar Two

Pillar Two

The second module covers retail site selection, business purchase selection and lease negotiation. This is one of the most specialised modules within the Pillars4 and the learnings from this module alone will more than pay for the cost of the workshop. The site that you select and the lease that you negotiate are decisions that will stem from the particulars from Pillar One.

Materials providedProperty Schematic, Site Selection Checklist, Lease Negotiation Checklist, Business Purchase Checklist and the workshop content.

Pillar Four

The fourth module prepares you for the opening of your cafe or restaurant. This operations module helps drive your culture through the Operations and HR Manuals (employment process) that you provide to all employees. It will cover areas such as Menu Management, Supplier Negotiations, Operations, Human Resources and Marketing.

Materials providedOperational Schematic, Marketing Guide, Operations Manual, Human Resources Manual, Employment Forms and workshop content

Workshop price: $3,500 plus GST

The Business Solutions Kit will arrive with a unique code giving you unlimited access to the digital resources in the portal