Learn How to Lease, Build, Buy, or Operate Your Café


Unique, interactive e-learning masterclasses created by hospitality experts so you can buy, start, operate, or franchise a café or restaurant like the professionals!

Our masterclasses are on demand, self- paced and fully online for convenient access and learning.

Pillar One

How To Buy a Café or Restaurant Masterclass

If You Want to Buy a Hospitality Business, This Masterclass is the Fastest and Easiest Way 

to Wake Up Being Your Own Boss!


You’ve found the perfect cafe…

you’re ready to sign on the dotted line … 

but take a moment to ask yourself some critical questions…


Do you know the extent of how bad the wrong location could be for your business?  

There are lease terms that could affect the survival of your business …do you know what these are?  

You’re going to be negotiating with professionals, have you negotiated a financially beneficial lease before?  

Do you know if you’re making the same mistakes made by nearly all inexperience negotiators?  

If you’re buying the lease… can you spot the potential nightmares? 

Even if you answered no to just ONE of these questions that’s enough to potentially cost yourself tens of thousands of dollars or risk your business long term.

For The First Time, This Exact Know-How is Now Available at Your Fingertips 


Make Business Decisions with Complete Confidence!





There are critical steps to be taken when buying a hospitality business. and there is specialised knowledge and skills that really, only those who have done it before successfully, would know. 

We teach you ALL of these with our… 

PRODUCT:  Premium, self-paced, interactive, online, e-learning masterclass


GOALS:  Prepare you for, and take you through, the step-by-step process to buy a cafe in a verified location, at the right price, that suits you and the lifestyle you want – securing your new business with confidence!

PRACTICAL OUTCOMES: Firstly, you’ll have a business plan, select a business for sale, assess the business accurately, negotiate the sale, and buy the business!

Secondly, that business will be the most suitable to your personal circumstances as you can possibly get – affordable to your budget, in the location that suits your lifestyle and professional dreams!

The goal of this masterclass is to be a reliable and complete set of instructions to make it possible for anyone to buy a cafe or any hospitality business from the first step, to the last – leaving no stone unturned.

Every module will have immediate impact on your business and your life!

There is a specific and proven list of steps that experienced owner operators always follow when buying a new business and this masterclass is designed to be a ‘manual’ to those steps. It follows the natural flow as you go along the journey of business searches and transactions and is written in easy to understand language for anyone, even anyone with zero experience – after all that’s who we had in mind when we created them!

You will build the confidence to trust your decisions and buy the cafe of your dreams, or one that is the closest you can find on the market – and that is not a guessing game!


This Masterclasses Is Like a Having a Mentor Lead The Way To Your Success!

At a Fraction of the Cost! 



  1. Professionals new to the food and beverage industry
  2. Owner/operators who are planning on expanding to include a second business, or a third or fourth!


  1. Overview of the Buying Process
  2. Creating Your Purchase Criteria
  3. Choosing Your Café
  4. Verifying Market Conditions
  5. Assessing Purchase Pricing with Business Valuation Metrics
  6. Understanding Your Lease
  7. Assessing Operations
  8. Retail Design & Refurbishment
  9. Implementing Systems (free tools included)

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$890.00 + GST

Pillar One

How To Franchise Your Café or Restaurant

Franchising is very different to running a cafe on your own. Deciding to franchise requires development of yourself as a leader to take your brand to the next level!

Build your franchise on the best foundations!

Product: premium, self-paced, interactive e-learning masterclass.

Outcome: You will be prepared to develop a full franchise framework and brand from your existing hospitality business. Beyond operations and management, you will be guided to become an effective and successful leader!

Match with: Planning Tools

$990.00 + GST

How To Start a Café or Restaurant

From business planning, site selection, lease negotiations, construction and design, to operating a cafe or restaurant. Everything you need to know on how to start a cafe or restaurant, from the industries best

Product: premium, self-paced, interactive e-learning masterclass.

Outcome: Never before has a full set of instructions to build and open a cafe been available. Now, follow the step by step instructions to build the actual cafe, as well as building the framework for your operations. 

Match with: Planning Tools

Coming Soon

Pillar Two

How To Negotiate a Retail Lease

This masterclass is in beta mode. Pls contact us if you are interested in this product. Negotiate a retail lease to your advantage with confidence whilst saving yourself tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds!

Product: premium, self-paced, interactive e-learning masterclass.

Outcome: Negotiation isn’t a challenge most people enjoy, with many opting to avoid the confrontational activity altogether by signing leases without knowing what they’e committing to. 

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Coming Soon

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