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Creating successful hospitality owners through education and business solutions

The Four Pillars (pillars4) is our trade marked business system that has been developed after decades of ownership successes and failures in the hospitality industry. The (pillars4) – are Planning, Property, Project Management and Operations, and have been designed to work together as a holistic system to give you a solid business foundation.

We offer a free 20 minute free consultation to new clients, we are happy to discuss your project in detail and recommend where and how to begin your hospitality journey, please contact us using the free consultation link here

Our portal is simply a reflection of the contents of our Intensive Workshop and Business Solutions Kit – whatever documents you received upon the purchase of our products will be available to you as a digital download within the portal. To access this you will have been provided with a unique code sent along with your product.


Yes, it is, the Business Solutions Kit is a physical product that contains all you need to establish and operate your business. Included are schematics, administrative paperwork , detailed actionable guides and much more to walk guide you through the process of building your dream! It will be posted to you, along with a unique code for the portal so you can use the products over and over again as many times as you like! You may be surprised to find that the Kit contents will be useful to you well beyond the period of just getting your doors open, the kit is there to help manage your hospitality life.

Yes, we do, the Business Solutions Kit is used by both new and existing hospitality owners.
On first sight, our pillars4 may look like a one-way journey, when in fact the four overarching areas covered can be used individually and repeatedly.

For example, the Operations Pillar alone will support your staff management and culture and can be implemented at any time in your business.

The Planning pillar includes a holistic range of start-up elements, however it can be used by a business that’s been operating for several years already. For example, a business owner has not implemented weekly profit & loses spreadsheets or has a menu calculator. Using the planning pillar will allow the owner to discover where changes can or should be made and guide them through the process to make more profit.

The Project Management Pillar can be used to execute a partial or full renovation of your venue when it might seem a little stale 5-7 years after opening, the process doesn’t change, just the story behind it… yours.

The Intensive Workshop is a face-to-face three-day workshop that covers all four areas of the pillars4. It’s an all-inclusive workshop from which, you will walk away with the ability to use a tailored yet systematic approach to building or buying a successful café or restaurant. The Intensive Workshop is delivered in person, so access to our leading consultants is a huge benefit. Our interactive method of teaching makes massive impact on your ability to get started and maintain momentum. The Business Solutions Kit is complementary with the Intensive Workshop, as is access to the online portal.

The Online Workshops cover each pillar individually, a convenient option that allows you to tailor your bespoke learning journey. These workshops are delivered via online video conferencing with one of our leading consultants. The experience is compressed into a shorter time, the result of which is still very much actionable, but slightly less detailed. The relevant elements of the Business Solutions Kit are complimentary, as is limited access to the portal.

Yes, we do. This is assessed on a case by case basis. Start a conversation with theteam@foodbeveragelogic.com.au to discuss what we can do to help you.

Yes, we do. This is assessed on a case by case basis. Again, make contact with us at theteam@foodbeveragelogic.com.au to see if we can help you.

Yes, we do. We have relationships with many landlord and property developers and offer a full range of services from Master Planning to the tenant selection processes, please visit our website here to learn more of what we can work together on.

We understand not everyone and everything is compatible. If our product doesn’t work for you, we have a refund policy on our website that we stand by.