Control your costs with this
- !! Free Menu Calculator !! -
A small but mighty financial tool to give you
control over your bottom line!

I remember the insane number of things there are to keep track of in a kitchen and on the floor from my years in our restaurants, and I’m happy to share this menu calculator that will make your life a little easier!! 

Being aware of how much each menu item costs, including utilities you is crucial to controlling your costs, protecting and improving your profit margin, and avoiding any nasty surprises – I remember some of those too!

Used for both front and back of house you will be able to:  

The Menu Calculator is a Microsoft Excel document. You don’t need to be an expert in Excel to discover the benefits. It’s mostly entering the numbers from your invoices and other measurements and voila! … the formulas in the menu calculator will do their magic and give you the gold.

There are instructions on the document, you can’t miss them – it’s important you read them so you will get the most from the calculator. It is a really useful and powerful tool you’ll come to rely on.


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