How To Buy a Café or Restaurant


Set Yourself Up For Success!

Are you planning on buying a cafe? Did you know any of the many steps to follow to make sure you buy a business that is healthy, suitable to your needs and abilities, and that is not only affordable, but also worth the asking price.  Not too many people do, but you don’t have to be one of them now.

Find all the secrets to hospitality success with this ultimate step-by-step guide for anyone wanting to know how to buy a café or restaurant. From start to finish, the content is easy to put into action and is a fool proof method to buying the best business for you!

This masterclass has been designed so you can ‘do’ as you learn – a new yet simple e-learning experience with high quality content will give you the confidence to take all the steps you need to make your cafe dreams a reality.

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Practical Outcomes:

Firstly, you will have been able to make a plan, select a business for sale, assessed the business accurately, negotiated the sale, and bought the business!

Secondly, that business will be the most suitable to your personal circumstances as you can possibly get – affordable to your budget, in the location that suits your lifestyle and self employed dreams!

The goal of this masterclass is to be a reliable and complete set of instructions to assist anyone to buy a cafe or any hospitality business from the first step, to the last – leaving no stone unturned, every module will have immediate impact on your journey, your business and your life.

There is a specific and proven list of steps that experienced owner operators always follow when buying a new business  and this masterclass is designed to be a ‘manual’ to those steps. It follows the natural flow as you go along the journey of business searches and transactions, and is written in easy to understand language for anyone, even anyone with zero experience – after all that’s who we had in mind when we created them!

You will build the confidence to trust your decisions and buy the cafe of your dreams, or one that is the closest you can find on the market – and that is not a guessing game!

Take this course to feel like a mentor is beside you through the whole process of buying a hospitality business!

Who Should Enrol:

  • Professionals new to the food and beverage industry
  • Owner Operators who are planning on expanding to include a second business, or third!

What Areas of Buying a Café Business Are Covered?

  • Overview of the Buying Process
  • Creating Your Purchase Criteria
  • Choosing Your Café
  • Verifying Market Conditions
  • Assessing Purchase Pricing with Business Valuation Metrics
  • Understanding Your Lease
  • Assessing Operations
  • Retail Design & Refurbishment
  • Implementing Systems (free tools included)


  • You will be given exclusive access via email to your interactive masterclass on our online portal