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We are unique in our experience in that we have built, owned and operated large restaurants and coffee shops, developed franchise models, and have experience with landlords. We understand both sides of being a food & beverage business and can provide a balanced, informed and in depth analysis of each project as required.

Retail Consulting

As a Retail or Centre Manager, we know that the shorter your rent reductions list, the better! 

We also know that food & beverage businesses require industry specific processes and systems not just for optimal profits, but also for reaching benchmarked and consistent profits.

Without these skills and systems, they are likely to face ongoing profitability challenges. 

At Food Beverage Logic, our unique mix of leasing knowledge and hospitality industry experience allows us to tailor our approach to the specific needs and situation of the each tenant. 

We help your tenant correct course and overcome challenges commonly found in underperforming food and beverage businesses. Our methodology establishes standardised operations that lead to consistent profits. 

Furthermore, we give them all the administrative and management tools they need to run their businesses in the best way possible. 

If you have a food & beverage tenant that needs assistance, or you would like to be proactive in protecting yourself against the ongoing requests for rent reductions, call us and let us know what’s going on – we can help you find a way through! 

Tenant Onboarding

All too often, retailers don’t have the necessary experience to expand their operations or run new businesses sustainably. 

This includes the gap in knowledge that is required to expand from one to mulitple venues – the step a lot of businesses are taking when they enter the shopping centre environment.  

Did you know that nearly a quarter of food & beverage operators work 40+ hours for free in their business?

No, because you’re not a hospitality expert, so how would you also be able to know if your potential tenant has the necessary systems in place to scale their operations without putting either in jeopardy?

The aim of onboarding food & beverage tenants is to facilitate a smooth and timely entry into your retail asset or shopping centre.

Beyond supervising the design/build stage, we work with your tenant to ensure there are no gaps in their operational or management toolkit, so to speak. If your tenants are missing vital skills, they are likely to face ongoing profitability challenges. 

We have extensive experience with the process of building into shopping centres, so you can have peace of mind that your new tenant will be guided by professional knowledge. 

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